Saturday, May 24, 2008


I posted that last weekend my in-laws and parents were in town to attend Kora's piano recital. What I didn't mention was that they both stayed with us. When I told a few people about this beforehand, they expressed surprise. But Kelly and I are extremely blessed to have in-laws who get along very well.

Kelly and I met and started seeing each other our junior year of high school when we lived just a few blocks from each other. We were a steady couple from that point forward, so our parents naturally ran into each other quite a bit. Once we got married and moved out of town, they would get together every once in a while and have dinner together.

My mother even helped my mother in-law organize and decorate my brother-in-law's wedding. (Because his wife immigrated to America to marry him, she didn't have parents around to do that, so my in-laws paid for and organized it.) Since then, my in-laws have moved out of the town we grew up in so they don't see each other as much. But we are very blessed to have been placed in the family God put us in.

Thanks for a great weekend, moms and dads! Too bad I didn't get a picture!

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Jenn said...

That's great that they get along so well, it makes family things that much better !