Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Scouts Awards Ceremony

Last Monday, the scouting group our family is involved in hosted the end of year awards ceremony. The older girls received the badges that go on their vests that they have earned since the last awards ceremony in February. Hailey's group earns beads for a necklace, so she earned the last of her beads to complete the necklace. It is also the ceremony when girls are promoted up to the next group if they are old enough, Hailey was in the kindergarten group this year and she promoted up to the 1st -3rd grade group. Aubrey promoted up to the 4th-6th grade group.
This is Hailey receiving her necklace from her teacher, who looks strangely familiar.
Brynna is singing a song as part of her group's skit. They were demonstrating the things they worked on this year - this song was about the American flag.
Aubrey is sporting the fishing pole she helped make as part of that same skit.
Here Aubrey's putting up her pole and Brynna is demonstrating the etiquette they learned (too bad it hasn't translated to use at home).
If you look closely you can see Brynna coming forward to receive her badges.
This is Aubrey receiving her badges. I have alot of sewing to do.
This is Kora receiving hers. I promise that really is here, I had a bad angle.
The scouts don't call it "promoting" they call it "bridging." We actually have a little wooden bridge on the stage that the girls walk across and join their new group. They also trade in their old vest for the new one (each level group has a slightly different uniform). Before the actually walking across the bridge, Aubrey had a speaking part - a short biography of Sacajawea.
Here Hailey has just walked across the bridge and is being helped putting on her new red vest. She is now in the same group - called the Tenderfoot group - as Brynna.
Aubrey's turn across the bridge.
Her vest is no longer red, she has a blue one like Kora, the second from the left.
Then she goes down the group shaking everyone's hand.
It was a late night, but the girls had a blast. They worked hard this year and really enjoy scouts. It also gives them many opportunities to learn things they wouldn't normally at home. It also lets them do group activities, have friends their age, and get up in front of people. They are already looking forward to scouts starting back up in September!

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