Monday, May 12, 2008

Odds 'n' Ends

Ashlynn is doing very well, except for a slight tummy problem. Actually, sometimes it is more than a slight problem, and it has changed our easy going, never cries baby into one who fusses so much more, and has trouble staying asleep at times, due to her poor tummy hurting. I'm giving her Mylecon with every feeding, but she still has problems. It also means I'm not getting as much sleep as I was (or Kelly either).

I LOVE having older kids! My two oldest especially have been so great - taking care of breakfast so I can sleep in a little, and pitching in around the house. I should have adopted a 12 year old when Kora was born!

The oldest 5 girls spent most of the weekend at Kelly's brother's house. My in-laws were down at their house to watch my niece's dance recital, and they wanted the girls to come up since Kelly and I weren't going to be able to. So we had about 24 hours of having only one child. It was really weird. And very quiet.

My in-laws brought the girls back after church yesterday afternoon. Then the men went to Sonic to get us hungry females some lunch - none of us had any desire to go out to eat on Mother's Day - and guess what happened? Remember this? Well, my FIL's card wasn't given away, but they did have to take it inside after it had been swiped on the outside and been approved. So my husband has declared he's done with this Sonic and won't go to it anymore. He also has a call into the manager as we have had no end of problems with this particular Sonic. And we've never had problems with other ones.

And a funny: last week we had flipped channels and came across the original Superman movie. Kora came in and watched a few minutes of it and declared:

"This movie looks so... back-then-ish."

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