Monday, May 19, 2008

Kora's First Piano Recital

This weekend, my parents and my in-laws stayed with us to attend Kora's first piano recital. I taught Kora for about a year and a half. Then last fall she started taking from a wonderful woman from a musical conservatory at a local church. She has really blossomed under Penny's tutelage.
We were out of town for the Christmas recital, so Sunday night was Kora's first recital. The conservatory divides all the students into four recitals - two beginner, an intermediate, and one for advanced students. Kora was in the intermediate recital and her teacher says she'll be in the advanced one next year, which is formal. So next year we will be dress shopping for the spring recital!
She performed Pachelbel's Canon in D. She did a fantastic job, making all the adults in attendance cry. That song was played in our wedding, so it was particularly meaningful. We are very proud of all her hard work!


Granny said...

She was fabulous!

Lora said...

Oh, how grown up she looks! I am sure she melted everyone's heart. I sure hope she isn't too old to let me brush her hair out this summer!