Thursday, May 1, 2008

Just What I Need

As if having Sonic give away my check card wasn't enough, now I have something new to deal with.

In yesterday's mail, I received an envelope from the beloved (cough, cough) Social Security Administration. Inside it was a new SS card. And not for Ashlynn, like we assumed. It was for me. Had my full name on it, my address.

But not my Social Security number.

That's right.

I got a new card with a completely different SS number on it. Not good. I call the 800 number, and the lady I spoke with sounded completely surprised (like I'm gonna believe this has never happened before) and told me I would have to take it in to my local SS office and get it straightened out there. And because of the date it was issued, we know it wasn't a mistake tied to Ashlynn's birth and filing for her number.

Wonderful. So on my mom's last day here (tomorrow), I'm gonna have to spend the morning at the SS office trying to figure this mess out. I'm just hoping this doesn't mess us up in other areas, like our credit score. Or put me on the terrorist watch list.

Don't laugh - evidently we homeschooling moms of many are a dangerous lot. (Yes, there's a story here, but it's not my story, so I can't tell it.)


Kristen & Dave said...

no, you're right...its not funny. the way this government/admin. will label anyone a terrorist is pretty scary. hope all is ok!

Candace said...

I feel your pain, Tami! We had a huge mess up with Genevieve's card and I spent two useless hours down at the SS office. They couldn't even help me! Fortunately, Janet saved the day and took care of it, but let me tell ya, I couldn't get help from their website, over the phone OR being in the office! SHEESH! I'll be praying for you...

Lora said...

good grief charlie brown, I am thinking this is like a cartoon! hope it gets straightened out soon!