Saturday, November 24, 2007

A double birthday

So last night we celebrated Aubrey and Lauryn's birthday. We had an I love horses cake.

And an I love puppies cake.

And of course there were lots of presents, some from us, some from grandparents. There were Barbies.

There were games and books.

There were dress up clothes.

And you knew there had to be horses. And books about horses.

We even had a house and an airplane.

And a fancy dress for a doll.

There was lots of help with opening everything up - it's nice now that Kelly and I aren't the only ones who can undo all those annoying twist ties that try to make the toys incapable of being separated from the box, even for legitimate buyers.

I think Aubrey summed it up. "I loved everything!" Lauryn hasn't played with anything else but her new toys ever since, so I think she feels the same.

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VLS said...

I'm so glad that we found something for the real kid in the family to "put together" for the birthday bash! I know Kelly was thrilled! Cute girls---every one.