Sunday, November 18, 2007

This 'n' That

Things have settled down a little for us last week. And thankfully, this week should be less busy than normal.

Monday night was the fall awards ceremony for scouts. The girls did get badges, and that is always fun for them. This was Hailey's first awards ceremony as an official scout. The Kinder group gets beads for a necklace instead of badges, but she didn't mind. :-)

Wednesday Kelly had a CAT scan on his sinuses done. He even brought home the films and had an impromptu biology lesson with some of the girls, showing them what his head looks like. Alas, the films prove what many have been saying for years - his brain appears to be missing. (Hey, I can make that joke 'cause Kelly made it in church today.) He had a follow-up appointment with the ENT doctor on Friday and they have set a surgery date for January 3rd.

They are hoping to accomplish several things. He still has, despite another surgery several years ago, a deviated septum. So the right side of his nose is nearly shut off. He has a left sinus that is blocked off from the rest of the sinuses that they will open up. He also has turbinate bone structures which are far too large and misshapen. The doctor is going to break those bones, and turn them down in hopes that they will heal smaller. I'm sure there is more (like closing up the hole in his septum) but I think those are the main things.

This is all being done to hopefully kill two birds with one stone. As many of you know, Kelly has sleep apnea. How good a night's sleep he gets is largely dependent on how good he breathes, and over the last year or so that has been very poorly as his sinus situation has worsened. He also gets chronic sinus infections, one about every 4-6 weeks. Between these two issues (and another unrelated health issue that is now under control) he has missed many, many days of work in the last several months. Plus he just feels rotten most of the time. The family doctor and ENT have had him on medicines and they just don't work. So we are praying that the surgery will help both issues and help him feeling like himself again. It would be really nice for him and us if he could use his time off from work for fun things like camping trips instead of it all being for sick days! And that isn't an exaggeration!

I also had my next check-up with my midwife. Everything looks great. I'm nearly half-way through! Now that I'm done with morning sickness, I can forget I'm pregnant at times. Until my back starts yelling at me because I have been on my feet too much. We are still unsure if we are going to have the baby at home or at the birth center. It depends to some degree with what the midwife's billing department works out with our insurance company. We aren't sure what they'll cover if we have the baby at home. We paid for Lauryn's birth completely out of pocket, but we are hoping that we don't have to do that again. :-)

Of course the burning question is "Are you having another girl?" Kelly and I both believe it is a girl, but I don't think we are going to find out until D-day. But, come on, what are the odds? In fact, after church today, one of the girls in our church asked Brynna, "Is your mommy having a girl or a boy?" Hailey jumps in with a face that said "how could you ask such a dumb question" and told her, "It's a girl. My mommy only has girls!"

I've also been Christmas shopping and getting ready for Thanksgiving week. We will be doing a little school on Monday and Tuesday - to catch up after some of the sick days from last month. We also have two birthdays this week! We'll also be spending Thanksgiving with about 45 of our closest friends. :-) Much as I love to visit family, I am glad we don't have to travel this week! I am hoping that with a week off of scouts, piano lessons, Bible study, musical practice and with Kelly's two days off, it will be an enjoyable, restful week. May you have a good one also!

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