Wednesday, November 14, 2007

One of these days, I'm gonna blow my top!

(FYI, the title is an old Cagle family joke.)

I thought the police would be at my house before lunch time today.

I really did.

I figured one of my neighbors (perhaps the doctor next door with the new baby) would call 911 reporting the sound of a gun being fired. And no, it wasn't my kids who were in mortal danger.

It was our washing machine. Again. I really thought about taking our shotgun and putting it out of our misery.

About three weeks ago, a computer part went out. A week later I was still getting the same error code. So out the repair men came again. The computer part they had just put in had gone bad because the electrical panel was causing spikes of electricity to be shot at this computer panel. So both parts had to be replaced. Needless to say, if we had known ahead of time that both parts would need replacing, we might have opted for a new washing machine, because it wouldn't have cost that much more.

Well, since last week, the washer had been behaving bea-u-ti-ful-ly. Just like it had for three years. Then this morning, I got an error code. But a different code. This one telling me that it was taking too long to drain or wasn't draining properly. I messed with it, and restarted the drain cycle several times, but to no avail. Finally the girls and I had to take out the clothes and hand wring them out over the sink. Then I had to call my husband with the bad news.

After he got home, he took the washer apart a little to inspect the drain hose, etc. Everything seemed fine until he got to the drain filter. A small article of clothing had worked its way under the gasket seal, and into the filter causing major backup. So we are so thankful for a cheap fix this time!

Moral of the story: if you have very small items of clothing that you are washing, use those wonderful mesh bags to zip them up securely in while laundering. They re very inexpensive at Wal-mart and work great!

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