Wednesday, November 21, 2007

'Twas the day before Thanksgiving...

and all through the house, all the feet and backs were aching, but all the mouths were watering, anticipating the 'morrow.

I know, I know, it doesn't fit the cadence. But it definitely fits the day. Like most of America today was cooking day in preparation for tomorrow. But what a difference this year! Last year we traveled and helped while at Kelly's grandparents' farm, but there were many hands then, and the girls weren't needed.

This year, since my back yells at me already due to the pregnancy, I needed their help. What a difference older girls make! Kora rolled out pie crusts, made the cornbread for the dressing, separated eggs, and chopped up the onion. Aubrey helped me mix up the pie crusts, and she and Brynna did many dishes. Hailey and Lauryn sampled the pie filling to make sure it was edible. :-) The last time I did any serious Thanksgiving preparation, I did not have nearly this much help. It makes me look forward to the day when we can all be in there cooking away.

But it was a fun morning, in spite of tired bodies. We had Christmas music blaring (remember they are practicing for a Christmas musical being performed in just over a month), had cinnamon treats made from left over pie crust, and many tasks accomplished, including one burned finger (mine) which is evidently a necessary part of any holiday cook-a-thon. I have 3 chocolate meringue pies sitting in my refrigerator, the dressing's dry ingredients assembled, ready for a final mix with wet ingredients in the morning, and fruit all ready to cut up for a salad. I love the smells of fall.

It's even supposed to get chilly here by tomorrow, making it really feel like fall! While we are going to miss our family this week, we are going to enjoy the time with members of our church family and each other. I doubt I'll be posting tomorrow, so I'll just wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!

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