Friday, October 19, 2007

Don't send out the rescue team

If you don't see or hear anything from my husband in the next several days (weeks?), please do not be concerned. Over the last several weeks his computer has had several problems, crashed multiple times, etc. All this meant we decided to upgrade his computer. Outside of a new hard drive here and there, this is the first upgrade to his computer in several years.

And the box with all the goodies arrived yesterday. He is reusing his case, but nearly all the insides have been gutted and replaced. But please don't ask me what his new system is - all the acronyms confuse me. I do know that although it has only one CPU chip on it, there are two processors on the one chip. So I expect that it is super fast.

Needless to say, when a man has a new toy.... ;-)

And poor Hailey is sick. She threw up on the way to Bible study Wednesday night (that was fun to clean up - I may never serve anything with spaghetti sauce again!) and has been running a fever ever since, with a slight sore throat. Just hope it's not anything too serious, like strep or the pneumonia-like illness our pastor's family has. This has just not been our autumn as far as health goes.


Kim said...

Sounds like life around here! After our computer kept crashing we finally decided to start from scratch and build a new one. Then Ryan decided to build two, so now I have my own real computer!!! But it has taken several days to get everything up and running...

VLS said...

Hope you get to feeling better, Miss Hailey! Granny & Granddad love you!