Sunday, October 14, 2007

I could get used to this...

I went to a new-to-me store yesterday. In fact, I had many errands, but one was a need for some maternity specialty items, so I went to a place on I10 here in San Antonio called Destination Maternity. It's actually 3 stores in one - Motherhood, Pea in a Pod, and Mimi Maternity. Which means that 90% of the clothes are out of my price range, but there are just some things Target doesn't carry.

Just before I enter the door, I stop to enjoy a nice trickling fountain in a small courtyard area leading to the door. As I enter the door, a very nice sales lady greets me and asks if I had ever been there before. She then showed me where everything was and asked, "Would you like a bottle of water or some orange juice while you shop?"

As I walk back to the area of the store which had what I needed, I noticed a cute little play area for small kids, surrounded by a low wall to kind of box the area in. Just to the side of this area were two flat screen televisions tuned to college football games. This was obviously an area where the poor hapless husbands of the customers had a place to sit and watch sports while the gestating females in their lives shopped.

And while they weren't intrusive, the sales staff was very helpful - like when I was lost about sizes. They were also very interested in all the details about your pregnancy. They wrap your purchases, however mundane, in tissue paper and place them in a crisp paper bag with handles - no plastic if you please - and offer you a water or juice for the road.

I tell you, if you are pregnant and need to feel pampered, go window shop at this place. I felt like I had been an honored guest. I know it's their job and all, but I could definitely get used to being treated like that when I was out spending my (husband's) hard-earned money. :-)


Candace said...

We went there when I was pregnant with Ethan. Not only did they serve me well, but offered Greg and ALL of the kids water or juice. They also told me about the mommy/baby yoga classes offered there for free. If only they weren't so far away.

Glad you had a pleasant shopping experience....we all know those are far and few between these days!

walkmom said...

I liked the store, too, when I went in. I remember shopping like that I lot with my mom when I was small. Too bad, most of those shops are all gone!