Sunday, October 7, 2007

Mulligan, anyone?

You ever just had a week that you wish you could do over? Well I'm sure my husband wishes he could do over this week. Not only did he have issues with his esophagus problem, but yesterday he somehow injured his Achilles tendon.

Friday night we had a great time of fellowship at OP Schnabel park with our homeschool group. This is one of the times of year the whole group gets together, dads and kids, to share a meal together and fellowship.

Saturday morning we followed through with our plans to leave for Kyle, Texas right after breakfast to spend the day with Kelly's brother and his family. Kelly's parents had driven in and we were all going to watch my nephew Nikita play soccer. Then Tony, my BIL, had suggested we all go to the Texas Department of Parks and Wildlife Expo. So we drove over to the street where the department has its headquarters.. and sat there. And we sat there some more. We crept forward about half a city block in 15-20 minutes. That's how long the line of cars was just to get into the parking lot, which we could see. An outlet mall the day after Thanksgiving would be less crowded. There were hundreds of cars and thousands upon thousands of people.

So we went to Plan B, and drove to McKinney Falls State Park down the road a ways. We ate lunch and went down to one of the falls and soaked our feet in the water. Pretty area.

When we got back to the Suburban, Kelly noticed his heel on his right foot was hurting a little. We went back to his brother's house, grabbed some dinner and headed home. I drove back, which was a good thing, because by the time we got home, his heel was killing him. It's on the back of his heel right where the tendon attaches to the bone. He went to bed, both of us thinking it would be better this morning.

It wasn't. When the alarm went off, he got out of bed, and nearly sunk to his knees on the floor. I think he'd forgotten, but he was reminded very quickly. So he decided to stay off of it all day, and try to get into Brynna's orthopedist tomorrow. We did some research and the symptoms seem consistent with a tear or pulling of the Achilles tendon, but we are both hoping that is not the case, as that would take a long time to heal. The really weird thing is that he doesn't remember a particular moment when he went "OW!" He didn't fall, or turn his ankle that he remembers. There were some steep inclines down to the river, but he doesn't really know when it would have happened.

So, we are hoping we can get him into the doctor tomorrow. He thinks he can drive, so he plans to go to work and call the doctor from there. He has used so much time off lately that he wants to miss as little as possible. We borrowed my friend Candace's crutches, but she's a little shorter than Kelly. But they are allowing him to hobble around when he needs to, and we figure the doctor will get him some correctly sized one if he needs them.

So, he has definitely had a week to forget. We are just praying that it is not too serious. And that these things really don't happen in threes.


Candace said...

We're praying too that Kelly's injury is not serious and that he'll be back on two feet in no time!

Hope this week is MUCH more pleasant! ;-)

Lora said...

Ouch, I have been through this and it is extremely painful. They put me in a walking cast for while. Hope he heals up ok!