Monday, October 29, 2007

What the kids have been up to

It hasn't all (quite) been illness and such around here. This was Kora's weekend project:

Her daddy is so proud. (In case you can't tell, this is a fighter plane constructed out of Tinker Toys.)

Also, Friday Kora and Aubrey went over to the home of one of the moms in our scout group. She had offered to help any of the girls who wanted to earn the horsemanship badge with the requirements. Kora was a little disappointed that she wasn't in the junior high group - they got to go to a ranch and do an overnight trail ride! But the girls did get to groom, help tack a horse, clean out hooves, etc. on Friday. They were in horsey heaven.

Kora, Aubrey, and Brynna are all practicing for the Christmas musical that the kids at our church are putting on in December. So they've all been singing along with the Psalty's Christmas Calamity CD (can you believe Psalty has a Wikipedia page?) to learn the music.

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