Monday, October 8, 2007

I am sick and tired

of being sick and tired. My blog posts in the last few weeks have been filled to the brim with sickness, pain and injury. Yes, that seems to be our lot in life the last few weeks, but I'm SICK of writing about it. (I will just put in here that my husband has a doctor's appt this afternoon at 4:30 to see about his ankle.)

BUT, enough of that, so I thought I'd put in a quick tip of the day:

When I am making any kind of muffin or quickbread, I nearly always substitute the oil or butter called for for one half oil and one half applesauce. Yes, I know many recipe books and diets tell you to substitute all applesauce, but believe me, it affects the texture too much. ICK! But a half and half mixture produces a product with the same texture but with half the fat and many fewer calories than all oil or butter.

However, in pancake, waffle, or dessert recipes, I just don't find the results to be as pleasing. Waffles don't crisp without the oil, pancakes don't use that much anyway, and come on - if you are going to make dessert, then make it, for pete's sake. I'd rather eat a smaller square of something that tastes good, than mess around with the applesauce.

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Kristen & Dave said...

Hmmm..."half the fat"? That can't be good. Silly me, I'm always adding extra :-)