Thursday, October 25, 2007

A much better day - UPDATED

No one has thrown up at our house for over 30 hours.

The highest temperature anyone in our house is running is 99.5.

The washing machine is working (albeit after a hefty repair bill that cost more than our first washing machine).

Kelly had a short day "at work" - he had jury duty today but was sent home pretty quickly as the case had been resolved. (Which is a good thing considering the next thing on my list.)

The car is working (after I had to get a store employee to jump it while I was out running errands and my husband went to get a new battery after I got home).

My friend's little boy should be getting out of the hospital this afternoon.

I fully expect to be able to cook a real dinner tonight, and that all 7 of us will actually be able to sit around the table and eat together. Funny how I've always taken this one for granted.

AND my friend Cathi has some of the best news EVER!

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