Sunday, October 21, 2007

Enough already!

Well, I apologize for both the lack of posts and the graphic nature of the ones I have posted. Since Wednesday night we've been dealing with fever and vomiting, but that was super-sized Friday night. Lauryn came down with it Friday evening, and Brynna and Aubrey started throwing up in the middle of the night Friday night. I literally felt like I was running a hospital ward. Needless to say I got about 2 hours of sleep total Friday night, most of it before 11:30 pm, bouncing between four vomiting kids. Hailey's fever has soared to well over 104 at times. I did take her in to an urgent care clinic yesterday, and they ruled out strep, the flu, and pneumonia. I thought the doctor put it very well.

She told me that it appeared to be "the virus from he**."

I agree.

Just the time we think one of them is over it, they relapse. Lauryn threw up this afternoon and is running fever, after never running fever before and not getting sick since about 4 am Saturday morning. Hailey, Aubrey and Brynna are still running fevers.

When this is all over, I think I'm going to fumigate the house. Then I'm getting a massage.

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Kim said...

A massage sounds wonderful! Maybe I'll make my sisters do a girls day out to do some girly things :-)
Yes, please be rid of this virus before we get there or else I'll be tempted to love you from a distance!
Seriously though, I hope everyone is feeling better soon so you can get some sleep!