Monday, December 17, 2007

Am I the only one

who looks at all these deals the stores are running and wished I had the money to go shopping?

If I was really smart, I would have all my Christmas gifts bought by the end of October every year, and use November and December to snag some great deals for myself and our family. I see great deals on kitchen appliances (that I need to replace), household linens like towels and bedding (that I have been looking to replace), and everything else from good deals on batteries to movies. But of course, who has the money this time of year to do anything but pay for Christmas gifts and travel?

Maybe I'll be better about buying ahead next year, and be able to take advantage of some of this.

Yeah, right.


VLS said...

Quick, Kelly!!! Call the FBI. Someone has kidnapped your wife. I know it's so because the Tami Smith we know and love ALWAYS has Christmas bought months ahead of time. Whoever wrote this piece is definitely NOT YOUR WIFE! ;-)

Tami said...

Vickie, have you not been reading my previous posts when I talk about how I let the ball drop this year? I was sooooo behind come November that I went into a little bit of a panic mode! I blame it on two months of morning (all-day) sickness, kids' illnesses, company, traveling, etc. But I'm already making a list for next year so I don't get so behind!

Mama Bear June said...

I'm not too tempted by all the ads, I am mostly amused at how EVERY product that can EVER be advertised is a "great gift."

And funny thing, none of MY friends are getting a Lincoln or a Lexus or a Cadillac in their stocking.

A couple of years ago, Walmart had a display of Spiderman Band-aids proclaiming "Great stocking stuffers!" I'm pretty sure the "visions of sugar plums" dreams most kids are having do NOT include a box of Band-aids! LOL

I think I'm done. Got the last packages in the mail today to my sisters. One nice thing about living in a town of 2000 people, the lines at the PO are never more than 4 or 5 people! :-D

You and Kelly look just mahvelous, darling!

Tiffany said...

ha ha... I'm laughing at your 'morning (all-day) sickness' comment. I say the same thing everytime I talk about morning sickness. Because really, morning sickness does not do justice to what we experience.

Tami said...

June - you are right. Some of these "great gifts" are just salesmanship. It's just I've seen some great deals on things that no one would think of getting me for a gift, but I've been needing to replace, like our master bath towels. And, who gets a car for a Christmas gift? Usually that's a car-died-of-a-massive-heart-attack gift or a you-had-a-wreck present in our family!

Tiffany, one of my pregnancy books suggests changing the name "morning sickness" to "progesterone poisoning." I agree. Don't think it'll stick, though.

Candace said...

I'm with ya on this one, Tami! And you're right......the things that seem to be well priced are things that our family could use, but aren't necessarily Christmas gifts. I'm definitely wishin' we had a bit more money about now!