Sunday, December 23, 2007

One last

Psalty post. These first few are really for family and friends that don't live here. These are some faces that go with names you've probably heard from the girls.

The two girls in the pink and green are Kora and Aubrey's friends, Skye and Saige, AKA the twins.
This is Melody, one of Kora's and Aubrey's best friends.
The littlest girl in the very front and center with the red shirt is Abby, Brynna and Hailey's very good friend, who spends many Fridays at our house.

And now for a few amusing pictures.

This is Abby again. Yes, she's the one facing the back of the stage. It was really hard for the littlest performers to remember to face the audience.
It was also hard for them to remember where they needed to be at times, so the older kids had to help them out at times.
Actually it was some of these little episodes that helped make the evening so fun. They were so cute and were working so hard, it was impossible not to laugh at these little moments.

And this last one is an example of what was going on in my lap during the almost hour long performance.
Lauryn was sitting in my lap, and she decided she needed to copy all the choreography movements going on in front of us. So I was having to snap pictures around her, while holding her down at the same time. Obviously, I wasn't always successful. But she was having a great time! :-)

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