Sunday, December 2, 2007

Chow Time!

I think I've mentioned before that I do the majority of my grocery shopping once a month. Either Kelly or I go to Sam's once a month, and then I go to Wal-mart and do what we call "big shop." This means the rest of the month I only have to go to HEB to pick up milk, eggs, and any fresh produce that doesn't come in our co-op.

Being the first Saturday of the month, yesterday was the day for "big shop" at Walmart. I had also gone to a bakery outlet that I visit about once a month for most of our bread, buns, and tortillas. Of course with Christmas this month, I had a few extra things to pick up (like stocking candy) so my cart at Wal-mart was very full. (The checker always comments on how many groceries I am getting.) This is a big job, even when I am not pregnant with an aching back. What's even more fun is unloading it all once I get home and putting it all away.

Fortunately, Kelly and the kids unload the car and the girls take everything out of bags. I still insist on putting most of it away myself, because the girls still just want to throw the stuff into the pantry and fridge. Since I am OCD like things organized, I still have to do it mostly myself.

So if you can picture my kitchen completely taken over by groceries and grocery bags, four girls emptying the bags and tossing them over their shoulder onto the floor, this was the scene when Kelly came in the kitchen with the last bag (it is amazing how much stuff that little bitty car of his will hold!). He walked in, took a look around, turned to me and asked me with a straight face, "What army are we feeding?"

Believe me, I think the same thing as I am checking out at Wal-mart. :-)

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