Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Sweet Day

I have had a very sweet birthday today. Even though the "getting older" part is no longer fun :-), I had a great day. Many friends and family calling or emailing and wishing me a happy birthday. The girls surprised me this morning with handmade cards, and many drawings and paintings as their gifts. Before taking me out to dinner tonight, Kelly and the girls presented me with some very pretty blue topaz (my birthstone, which Kelly says match my eyes) and sterling silver dangle-y earrings. And of course, what day doesn't end well with Mexican food?

And no, if you don't already know, I am not revealing my age. Kelly said at church that I am turning 29 again, and we are leaving it at that. ;-)


Lora said...

Haha! I have celebrated many anniversaries of my 29th too. Unfortunately, it won't be much longer till it is 39 :( Happy Birthday!

Ryan said...

Happy birthday from your CO friends.

Dana said...

Happy Birthday!