Saturday, December 22, 2007

Psalty's Christmas Calamity

Well, I have to say that everyone who attended the performance last night was so impressed. All the kids did such a great job! They had had very limited rehearsal time in the facility where they performed, so I was nervous for them for how things were going to go, but they did great! The ladies who led it did a wonderful job of spreading out the speaking lines and solos, so that all but the very smallest kids had parts of some kind. And to think that a church as small as ours could pull off something like this is mind boggling.

The best part was listening to the kids afterwards. They kept saying over and over again how much fun it was. And although all the work going into was very hard, it was very fun to watch. I took over 75 pictures so I won't post them all, but I'll post a few. Three parents video taped the performance, and the church is going to have a professional editor take them and combine them into one DVD, so eventually we'll have a copy of the evening for posterity. Or as one of the parents said, as blackmail come wedding time. ;-)

The whole cast and crew, including "Pastor Smith" on the end.
The whole group singing with Psalty (Psalty is a singing hymn book. When you open a page the music to that song starts playing.)
Brynna singing and doing some of the choreography.
Aubrey was "Mary." Kora and Brynna behind her were angels.
Kora's solo came towards the end. Psalty later joined her for a brief duet.
And of course there was "Pastor Smith."
The Grand Finale.

Can't wait for the video! Wish you all could have been there!

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