Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Traditions III

Tonight is Christmas Eve, so we have come to the culmination of our Advent celebrations. Every evening when we read our story/devotion for the night, we light candles in our Advent wreath. This is a combination Advent wreath/nativity set that we have used for several years.
Kelly reads the story to the kids, which we'll finish up in the morning.
Also in the morning, the kids will place Baby Jesus in the Manger on our Advent Calendar.
Since we live in San Antonio, tamales are a Christmas tradition here, usually on Christmas Eve. However, we had our last night before going out to look at Christmas lights. Tonight we had lasagna, a family favorite. Tomorrow we'll wake up to cinnamon rolls. I also have a roast in the crock pot which we'll have with all the trimmings for lunch. We had turkey and dressing last weekend at my parents' house, and we'll have ham and dressing next weekend at Kelly's parents' house, so I decided to do something different for us.

Of course, the girls can't wait until after breakfast when we get to the presents. Come to think of it, Kelly is more anxious than the girls. He has a HUGE box under the tree that, for once, he doesn't know what it is. :-) Can't believe I actually get to surprise him for once!

May each of you have a joyous, memory rich Christmas!


Adrienne said...

I totally understand the whole "surprising thing". Charles is so hard to shop for, he is really into electronics so I am so worried to buy him the wrong thing. So this year I bought him some stuff that were not on his list.

What did you end up buying him??

Tami said...

It was a tool chest for the garage. The kind that has three smaller drawers on top and bigger drawers on bottom. It was a great black Friday steal!