Friday, December 28, 2007

She's Ruining my Life!

No, I don't mean her. :-)

Actually, I'm referring to another incident in the life of our poor mistreated three year old.

A couple of days ago, the girls had spent the morning helping my pack away Christmas decorations, and had since gone upstairs, playing happily with all the new Christmas toys.

Or so I thought.

A while later, Lauryn comes down stairs, trying desperately to cry.

Lauryn: They're ruining my life! (To be sure, it came out of her 3 yo mouth more like: Day're woo-ining my wife!)

Me (trying desperately not to laugh): Who is?

L: They are.

Me: Are Brynna and Hailey "they"?

L: No, Kora!

Me (not able to help it, I was truly laughing at this one, as Kora is her favorite sister): Kora is ruining your life?

L: Yes!

I grabbed her hand to take her back upstairs. I went to the room where Kora was, and told her what Lauryn had said. She laughed too.

Kora: She was waving her new princess wand around the bedroom, knocking stuff off the shelves, so I told her that if she wanted to play with the wand, she needed to out into the playroom. She then told me I was ruining her life before she stormed out to go tell you.

Now, don't you feel sorry for the poor darling who is so mistreated by her family?!?


Kim said...

LOL! Too funny! She sounds just a bit dramatic :-)

Kim said...

LOL! Too funny! She sounds just a bit dramatic :-)

Candace said...

Very funny! Oh, the life of a three year old! We have the same drama around here with Chloe!