Saturday, December 8, 2007

Christmas Randomness

This is really an extraordinary and busy weekend for us. I got to have a great Girls Night Out last night - thank you, honey, for staying home with the kids. They watched Pirates 3 while I was out. Tonight my honey is taking me out. Tonight is his company's holiday party, so we have a babysitter coming, and we'll be stepping out into the land of nice dinners and grown-ups. My two older girls are pretty tired already, as Kelly took them for an afternoon of volunteering at the Food Bank.

We have one more week of school, although it will only be a four day week. This coming weekend is the weekend we'll celebrate Christmas with my family. It still seems a little weird to not see them on Christmas, but with four different families with different work schedules, plus each of us girls have in-laws to fit in as well, it got to be too difficult to plan a time right on Christmas. And Kelly really wanted to start our own family traditions, spending Christmas at our own house. So we see my family the third weekend of December, and we get together with his family whenever we can all fit it in. This year it will be New Year's weekend. We rotate who hosts, and this year, it is my Mother-in-law's turn.

I have to admit I am as ready for a school break as the kids. We have had breaks this fall, but they have all been due to illnesses or funerals. We've attended two family funerals and the kids have had two major illnesses since school started. Not exactly how I had envisioned the year to go. Since we school year round, I had scheduled a few weeks off throughout the fall, so we really aren't behind, I just had to adjust our time off - one of the beauties of homeschooling. The down side is that the time off hasn't been a fun, relaxing time. And somehow I doubt Christmas break will be relaxing, although it should be fun.

I have one more gift card to purchase, and then I am D.O.N.E. Christmas shopping. I do still have quite a bit of wrapping to do. I also have one more daughter who still needs to go shopping. But we are definitely entering the home stretch. It will be time to start thinking about doing more baking soon! I seriously doubt I am going to get Christmas cards out this year. So if I normally send you one, please don't feel neglected this year - it's nothing personal. Besides, my life is an open book on this blog, I think a Christmas letter would just be redundant.

Well, I better go start primping. Have a great weekend!

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Candace said...

Hey, did ya forget to call ME for that Girls Night Out??? Hmmm????

Lord knows I could sure use one!

Glad you had a great time!