Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Home again, Home again

We are finally through gallivanting across the state of Texas. We got in yesterday afternoon. But with Kelly's nasal surgery set for early in the morning, there was no time to unwind after the trip. As soon as we unloaded the suburban, I set off for the grocery store(s).

Today, I am getting caught up on laundry, getting food ready for tomorrow, finishing the unpacking, trying to work on a couple of small organizing projects, and gathering the things I'll be working on while Kelly is getting his nose job. ;-) He promised me to look like Matt Damon by the end of it, but I told him that the doc is an ENT, not a plastic surgeon - or a miracle worker. If he can just breathe when all of this is over, I'll be happy.

As an aside, I am not dreading the wait during the surgery. Am I the only mom of many who sees several hours on my own, with no little hands or voices or mouths needing me as a pleasant way to spend a few hours? I've got a whole list of things I can work on while I am there - my only disappointment is that I doubt there will be a table for me to spread out on. I'm going to get my organizer (DayRunner) in shape, work on some copywork for Brynna, copy some recipes from paper onto index cards, go through my recipe box and get that in shape, I've got a fascinating Civil War book I may read for a while. Kelly is even going to take his laptop up there for me. If this place has wireless, I can get all sorts of things done!

I'll post an update as soon as we're home, but I doubt that will be until supper time or later. Please pray for him and his doctors and nurses tomorrow. He has really been suffering with this whole sinus and sleep apnea issue, and we are praying that this takes care of a good majority of his problems!

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