Sunday, February 3, 2008

Busy Weekend

You can always tell when I am super busy if my blog goes un-updated two days in a row! :-)

The first weekend of the month is usually my "big shop" weekend - I do the majority of my dry goods type shopping this weekend. Either Kelly or I go to Sam's Club, and then I go to Wal-mart and HEB. This allows me to just run to HEB for milk, eggs, and produce on the other weekends, and to CVS for weekly specials on toiletries and vitamin/supplements. However, right now that makes for a BIG weekend, just because my fatigue level anyway is higher than normal. Plus I had to plan school for the next week, and prepare food for our church luncheon, so needless to say, I did not get my afternoon rest time yesterday. :(

Friday, I did make me and Kelly both very happy. :-) Kelly has had a rough couple of days, so he did NOT feel up to going to Sam's for me on Friday, which is our usual arrangement. Well I cannot physically do Walmart and Sam's on the same day so I went to Sam's Friday after supper. Earlier this week Kelly's cell phone died. As in D.E.D. We'd been looking online at the free phones we could get if we signed another contract (ours had been expired for nearly a year). When I went to Sam's, I saw a kiosk for AT&T Wireless, our cell phone company for the past nine years or more. I went to look at what they had, and while talking to the sales rep., he mentioned that he could waive the activation fees if we signed up there at the kiosk instead of online or in an AT&T store. Plus, they had the RAZR that Kelly had wanted for FREE with the contract, whereas online we would have had to pay $99 each for the same phone.

So I called Kelly - as I'm such a good wife and would never do anything like this without consulting him - and asked him if he wanted me to do it. He snorted, "Why did you even call me?" So much for wifely thoughtfulness, huh? So while I shopped for what I needed, the cell phone guys got me set up with two new RAZRV3xx, with no activation or upgrade fees for a plan that is the same price as we are paying now, with more minutes per month, and $0 out of pocket. So if you have a Sam's Club membership and are in the market for a cell phone, try there first!

Yesterday I had my midwife check up. I explained about the fatigue exhaustion I've been dealing with. The good news is that I'm not anemic. The bad news is that they seem to think it's a combination of third trimester, not eating enough protein, and dealing with the extremely high allergens in the air right now. She said that if I'm fighting this stuff this much, it's like I'm half sick, so I'm going to be tired because my body's immune system is doing what it's supposed to do. She also wants me to eat protein at breakfast, something I am not looking forward to, and see if that helps.

Then, as if to confirm what she said, I woke up this morning with a heavy chest. By the time I got home from church I had a slight cough. I've been telling myself over and over today, "I'm not getting sick. I'm not getting sick." I'll let you know tomorrow if this mind over matter thing has any merit whatsoever. Right now I'm going to go lie on the sofa until the Super Bowl comes on.

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