Thursday, February 21, 2008

'Fess Up

OK, so how many of you let your kids stay up and/or woke them up to watch the lunar eclipse last night? Yep, that would be us. We don't let them stay up for too many things, but have a lunar eclipse, or let Mars get really close to earth and be orange, and we are disturbing much needed sleep to sky gaze. What's funny is how excited the girls get about things like that. We are studying astronomy this year, and read about eclipses a few months ago, so it was really cool for them to see what they had read about. They were very excited. Guess the "geekness" doesn't fall far from the trees, eh?

So does this deserve a line in the "You might be a homeschooler if..." chronicles?


dirksgirl said...

we tried but, alas, the clouds were too thick at our house :(

Mama Bear June said...

Kendall and I sat out in the hot tub and watched it here on our mountain. It was quite fun. And not too late for us. It was over by 10pm our time. :-)