Monday, February 18, 2008

Weekend Update

We had a great weekend - not just the ladies on the trip, but Kelly and the girls reported a great time as well. They went to the library, and even took a field trip to... Bass Pro Shop. Yes, my girls have been dying to go. They loved looking at the taxidermied animals and even the guns on display. They were telling me about $78,000 gun there (yes, you saw that number correctly - that's almost what our first house cost). It was a hand tooled shotgun made in Italy. There were only 6 ever made, and our BPS has one of them. And there was some other gun that was a measly $24,000 that they actually let Kelly handle. The rest of the weekend was spent doing a few chores, playing, eating fun food, and going to church.

Speaking of going to church, my husband is the KING of daddies of little girls. He did the younger three girls' hair, complete with bows!

A few years ago, if I was gone, they were lucky to get a good brushing. But now you can't tell the difference between when he does their hair and when I do it.
My group had a great time. The speaker is always inspiring and convicting. The time away was very nice. The fellowship with all the other women was such a blessing. The conference actually ended about 4:30 pm on Saturday, so the rest of the evening was spent going out to eat and chatting in one of the hotel rooms until nearly midnight. Although I'm not really sure "chatting" would be an appropriate word for the noise level of nearly twenty women. We actually had a noise complaint made against us - but by the time they called the room to ask us to tone it down, everyone had already left and the women were already in bed with the lights out. :-)

So we had way too much food (but it was soooo good), way too little sleep, there were way too many books to choose from available for purchase, and more than a little confusion in organizing that many women and babies. But it was worth all the swollen ankles and exhaustion. I always come away from these refreshed and with my ideals enriched about the way I live my life - as a mom. We're already looking forward to next year!

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