Sunday, February 24, 2008

Project for the week

OK, so my project for the week is to get the girls' spring/summer clothes out of bins and put away the winter clothes. I anticipate that it will take me longer than normal due to the fact that I can't be on my feet for very long at a time. This year, this project presents a few other - non-pregnancy related - problems.

The first one is normal for every spring clothes shuffle. It warms up here well before Easter every year. While we wear white shoes long after Labor Day, I still harbor a bizarre reluctance to break out the white dress shoes before Easter - and no it doesn't matter if it is already 85 degrees outside. I know, I know I need to get over it. There's just something about breaking out the frilly spring dresses, white shoes, etc. for Easter that I just can't let go of. So every year I try to find Sunday outfits for those overlapping weeks that will still allow for black dress shoes, even though I've already pulled out the spring clothes for every day.

On a related note, I also face the Easter dress dilemma. For the past few years, I have had a difficult decision about whether to get the girls new dresses for Easter. Growing up, we always had new dresses for Easter every year. And in a perfect world I would do the same. But remember I have 5 girls. When I just had a couple I would make them new dresses for Easter every year. But today, Aubrey hung up 8-10 spring Sunday dresses in her closet. The younger girls will have about the same issue. They already have soooo many dresses, that I usually end up letting them pick out a new-to-them dress from the stash we already have and calling it their Easter dress. But I always feel guilty about it, like I am an utter failure as a mommy-of-many-girls. But they usually don't need any more clothes, and have you ever figured out how much it would cost to buy five fancy Easter dresses?? So every year I have the burning question of - do I buy them all dresses or just Kora, who always outgrows some and truly needs more?

The third problem is a new one, although it's one I've seen coming for a couple of years now. Kora has just about outgrown all the girls size 16 clothes. I am pretty much having to shop in the juniors section for her for many things. However, neither she nor I like many of the styles in most junior clothing sections. This is the girl who hates jeans. She would wear a knit dress every day of the year if she could.

Fortunately, the Lands End clothing runs bigger than most, so last year she was wearing a size 14 in their clothes. Which means this year she can wear a size 16. So I am very thankful to have these adorable dresses easily available. Kora loves the ones I got her last year. It's just a matter of how many can I afford to get her?


dirksgirl said...

Im w/ you. It gives me the heebee-jeebees to put Abby in her white shoes before Easter.

Candace said...

I'm ALL for recycling the Easter dresses. It's just much too expensive to buy new dresses for the girls. In the past, my mom would make their Easter and Christmas dresses, but now, she'll make dresses one at a time for anytime wear!

Of course, we've also had the difficult task of finding appropriate dresses for Cheyenne over the last several years. We're always on the lookout for nice dresses, but often come home empty-handed! One of our solutions was teaching Cheyenne to sew. Now, she can make her own dresses. I can see Kora cranking out of few dresses......does she like to sew? Now, Celeste is wearing all of Chey's old dresses, so we're surviving!

UGH!!! I'm not looking forward to the "changing of the bins" ceremony! ;-)

Tami said...

Candace, I'm glad to hear someone "recycles" easter dresses. It IS very expensive.

In future years I am probably going to need to start sewing Sunday dresses for Kora again. She can sew some and enjoys it, but she is not up to the point where she can do stuff that involved. So far she's made doll dresses, but next I plan on moving her up to a simple skirt for herself.

Unfortunately, it seems to be virtually impossible to sew the knit everyday dresses they all love to wear. Good knit is soooo hard to find in the fabric stores, and when it is, it is VERY expensive. So I have been frustrated for years trying to make these. I finally gave up as buying them at Target or whatever was actually cheaper. Even Lands End is cheaper than buying the knit fabric, or at least it still was the last time I checked.

But Sunday clothes are actually easier to find material for. But it ain't happenin' this year! :-)

Lora said...

I am finding adorable clothing on ebay myself and don't see why anyone pays 30+ dollars for a new dress when you can get one for 10 or less online that are just as good as new! I have even gotten some for 99 cents with tags still on them! But, I am a serious bargain shopper.