Friday, February 22, 2008

I have a new favorite kitchen gadget

Although, as big as it is, I doubt it can really be called a gadget.

Kelly's brother and his wife gave us a 22 quart Roaster for Christmas. I had been wanting one for a while, so it was the perfect gift. The girls have been a little bit confused - is it a crockpot or an oven. Well, it's both. Actually so far I've used it more as an oven.
A 13x9 pan fits easily inside it, as does my Pampered Chef rectangular stone baker. So far I've only used it on my countertop, but what I am really excited about is being able to use it outside on my back porch when the weather warms up. In South Texas, it is such a blessing to not have to heat up the kitchen in the hot 6-month long summer we have! Plus, if I need to, I can still use my oven for other things. I sometimes run into a situation when I'm trying to cook different things that need different cooking temperatures, and this is a much cheaper alternative to replacing my stove with one that has a double oven!

The owner's manual gives directions on how to make cookies, bread, and other baked goods in it, but I have yet to try that. So far I've cooked meat dishes in there. But it works great and puts out so much less heat than my full oven.

The one I received is here. After I use it outside for the first time, I'll post again to report how that goes.


Granny said...

I've been thinking about one of these for quite a while but didn't know anyone who'd really used one! We talk often of needing another oven, but since our kitchen doesn't have room for one, this might be a great solution, especially on bulk cooking days or at holidays...thanks for the review :-)

Candace said...

My parents have one of these and they love it! One of these days, we'll get one. We're a bit limited on storage space, so we've avoided purchasing this large item!

Michael said...

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