Saturday, February 23, 2008

They start young

My midwife appointment went well today. Surprise, surprise, the baby low. Janet told me that the baby has a shoulder right on my pelvic bone. I told her, "Yes, I know." Believe me. I'm almost embarrassed to walk in public. Good news is, no blood pressure problems. I had been having a little swelling in my ankles a few evenings lately, so I was a little nervous about that.

After the appointment and a few errands I came home and rested - either sitting at the computer or on the sofa, getting a few things done, like putting history curriculum in page protectors. I had HGTV on, and it was still on when Lauryn wandered downstairs after getting up from her nap. She sat on the floor beside me for a while, watching, and then went into another room to play.

In a little bit I hear her dragging something across the inside of our front door. I went in the entry way where she had a stack of Duplos that she was scraping down the door. "Lauryn, what are you doing?"
"This is my room, Mama. I'm painting."

Yes, that decorating gene shows up early in females in our family. Kelly even thinks the new baby is already wishing for some color in her present home. Guess we better go buy stock at Home Depot and Lowe's.

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