Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Random Items Probably of No Interest Whatsoever

My girls are obsessed with counting American flags. Today going and coming from piano lessons, they counted 85 American flags (and they are very careful not to duplicate!).

Using 1/3 a cup of Malt-o-meal instead of the called for 3 tablespoons does not work so well. Trust me.

I baked bread in my new roaster yesterday for the first time. It took longer than it does in my traditional oven, but I think that's because I need to turn the temperature up in the roaster. I bake this recipe at 350 in the oven, but the roaster booklet said to bake bread in it at 400. Next time I'll try at least 375. But I didn't feel guilty for heating my huge oven for one measly loaf of bread. Which is great, as that means I can use my bread machine to mix and knead the dough!

I have thoroughly enjoyed the home-ec101.com website ever since Cathi linked to it once. They are having a birthday party over on their site, complete with giveaways, so go check it out!

Husbands who take daughters to scouts when their wives can barely walk are my favorites.

Our neighborhood just switched over to automated trash and recycling pick up. This means that instead of picking up trash twice a week from whatever trash cans we set out, with actual men getting out and dumping the cans into the truck, the city now provides 2 96-gallon cans - one for recycling and one for trash. The downside is that trash only gets picked up once a week. I was very skeptical, but now I actually like it better. Our old recycling bin was way too small, but now we have plenty of room to put everything recyclable in. And the trash can is so big, that we - a family of 7-soon-to-be-8 - have never come close to filling it halfway.

Three year olds have no concept of time. Or of many other things. Lauryn seems to think that this baby may just "come out" one day before Daddy comes home from work. Then she can hold her and play with her. Her words.

My sister was supposed to find out what she's having yesterday, but the baby is in a head up breach position and was feeling very modest - or stubborn. In our family, I'm guessing the latter.

Remember the Henry VIII paper dolls my girls were making? Kora and Aubrey counted theirs, and they have made at least 92 dresses. No joke.


Heather said...

Thank you for the link love. Hang in there.

Candace said...

LOVE the paper dolls!