Friday, February 29, 2008

Obama just doesn't get it

Man, Obama thinks he wants our votes BAD.

We have had four phone calls in the past 5-6 days from the Obama camp. The second one was from a real person, and Kelly flat out told him, "Please do not call us anymore; we will not be voting for him. I am very conservative; I am pro-life; I am pro gun rights; I am a very conservative Christian. I will not be voting for Obama." In other words: leave us alone.

We got another call from them the next night. I bet you can tell how THAT went over with my husband. :-)

Last night we got Obama himself on the line. Oh, ok, it was a recording, but still.

And today, someone actually showed up on my doorstep asking for us by name, wanting to give us literature about Obama. I politely refused, informing him that we would not be voting for him.

Just my luck, though, it was a nobody campaigning for Obama and not a movie star campaigning for Hillary. (Sean Astin was campaigning door to door here in San Antonio a couple of days ago.)

Just to be fair, I did receive a phone call from Rick Perry (Texas governor) last week calling on behalf of his "good friend" McCain. Now that's definitely not the way to get my vote, either! Not that I was going to vote for McCain anyway, but that would have been enough to send me running to find a new candidate if I had! How many "good friends" do these political candidates have anyway?

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