Sunday, February 10, 2008

The good and the bad from this week

This week has been something of a bummer. It has taken me longer to recover than normal. I was still quite wiped out this weekend, so my husband insisted I get some extra rest. I'm sure the extra weeping yesterday had nothing to do with it. :-) But I can tell I really needed it - I have felt much better. The down side is that it is taking me alot longer to get to sleep. But I have a bog week coming up, so I need to get better in a hurry!

This means that several of my projects for the week, including a few blog posts I had planned, did not happen. Hopefully I can get to some of those soon. Also, one of my friends received some bad news, so that is always hard. However, this family has inspired us by their testimony of faithfulness over the years, and I'm sure this will be yet another chapter in that same book, even though the way seems dark now.

However, on a good note, I spoke to my sister tonight and they are all set for her to quit her teaching job when the school year ends in May/June in anticipation of the birth of their first baby in July. We've praying for them and encouraging them over the past several months, even when they were sure she would have to keep working. But tonight she shared how God has been providing for them and helping them to make the adjustments necessary and we are thrilled!

And just as a totally irrelevant aside, after a week of many, many hours on the sofa recovering, I am amazed at how women on bed rest do it. I am bored to tears!!! I desperately need some new reading material, as I just finished up the three volume epic by Shelby Foote on the Civil War, and I have watched more tv this week than I had for three months. It's really discouraging to watch hours of HGTV when you know you could not get up and paint a room even if you wanted to! So if you've got something to recommend for reading, please let me know!

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Candace said...

Great news about your sister! God is good!

I'm glad you're feeling is always a good thing!