Saturday, January 26, 2008

Deals from the last few days

HEB - whole chicken $0.62 per pound

Sam's Club (410) - gas $2.77 per gallon w/ membership (part of me still can't believe I'm calling that price a deal.)

Co-op - laundry basket full of produce - can't beat it!

Library - 27 books, including 2 audio books - free!

My personal best CVS week thus far:
10 bar pack of Irish Spring bath soap
1 box Zantac 150
8 Soy Joy granola bars
1 toothbrush
2 medium bags of peanut M&M's
1 tube chapstick

The candy was B1G1 free. So after that deal, a $4 of $20 purchase coupon, 2 soy joy $1 coupons, a $5 coupon off Zantac, and $13 in ECB's my total out of pocket was $0.98 and got back $15.99 worth of ECB's! Actually I only bought the chapstick because I had a negative balance and needed to throw in something else to bring the total up to a positive number.

Also found out that Turbo Tax offers an online version of their basic software for free. It also appears to have free eFile with it. My MIL has used it already and it had everything that she needed - including itemization. Of course, if it doesn't have everything you need, you can always upgrade for a fee, but we have used the basic version for years with great success. But this year we will be saving about $20! If you are interested click here and then click on "Free Edition."

And this is a deal we will be taking advantage of in the next few days - Norton AntiVirus 2008 for up to 3 computers for $2.99 after rebates (one of these rebates is for previous Norton owners to upgrade so be sure to read the conditions to that one as it may or may not apply to you). Click here to see this offer. Our antivirus was about to expire anyway, and it was Norton, so this will be a great deal for us!

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