Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Patently Unfair

When Kora was nearly one year old, we bought our first washing machine. Before that we were relegated to laundromats and the freebies in our townhome. We are now on our second machine. So in less than 10 years, we've bought two washing machines. Oh, and our "new" one has already needed two repairs.

My mom is getting a new washing machine tomorrow. The one she is replacing? 23 years old!!! If we are getting so much better at technology, why aren't the new machines lasting as long as this?!?

I think my mom will have to take a hammer to the old dryer to get it replaced. Not sure it would ever die on its own. ;-)


Kristen & Dave said...

Two words, Tami: "planned obsolescence". Nice conspiracy, don't you think? Profitable for someone, anyway.

Candace said...

I hear ya about so called technology!

Fortunately, the washing machine (and dryer) we bought has lasted 14years. We often wonder how much longer they'll last!

walkmom said...

My mom has had only 2 washing machines in 30 or so years, and, I think, only one dryer. Not fair! But my sister did comment on the fact that she never did more than 4persons' laundry at a time. My machines are working for twice that many people. Maybe it makes a difference?!