Monday, January 21, 2008

Now That's a Zoo I'd Like to Visit

Lauryn informed me of something very interesting this morning:

"Mama, chocolate candy is my favorite animal."


dirksgirl said...

ditto, Lauryn.

Monica said...

Very cute.

I saw your comment at Money Saving Mom. How much does all of that meat cost? I'm a mom of 7 (5 girls, 2 boys) and am always in need of a good meat price:)

Tami said...

Nice to "meet" you, Monica.

It depends of course on the present price of beef. You can always call your local Sam's Club, and ask to speak with the meat department. They can give you the current price per pound - be sure and ask for the case price.

I am getting close to needing to buy a case again, but the last time I bought a case about 5-6 months ago, I paid $140 for 80 pounds of 91% lean ground beef, for a per pound price of $1.75. The family packs (about 5-6 pounds) at the time were about $2.50/lb, and the local grocer would run a sale at $2.99/lb. for the same leanness. But I've paid as little as $125 for the whole 80 pounds - like I said, depends on the current price of meat.

When you buy it by the case, it comes in 8 10-pound rolls. These are usually straight off the truck, so they are a little fresher than the stuff out on display. Some meat markets also put food coloring in the meat on display to keep it looking red longer, but when you buy the rolls like this, they haven't done that yet.