Saturday, January 12, 2008

I just love being a girl..

Brynna received her last Christmas gift today. She's been wanting her ears pierced for a while, so I bought her a pack of earrings for Christmas. I wrapped these up with a note that we would go get the holes that go with them after Daddy's surgery.

So today I took her to the store and and this what she looks like now:

We also went to the birth center again today for my check-up. The baby has turned head down - it had been side lying breech for several weeks - and my babies have never turned once they get head down. So hopefully this is a good sign. Everything looks good. I go back in 3 weeks when I am 30 weeks, and then it will be down to every 2 weeks.

Kelly continues to do better. He is sleeping much better which is the main thing. He also has his sense of humor back, which is always a good sign. :-) So we are back to normal on Monday - back to work!

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Granny said...

You are beautiful, dear! And you're so lucky--not many people get holes for Christmas :-)