Thursday, January 24, 2008

This Little Piggy Wants Roast Beef

Excerpt from reading lesson this morning with 5 year old Hailey:

(The sentence she is reading is "The big pig has jam in his den.")

Hailey: The. Buh, biiiiig. Big. Puh, pig. Haaas, has. Juh, jaam. Jam. (She looks at me quizzically.) Can pigs really have jam?

Me (Right now I'm thrilled that she is comprehending enough to know what she just read): Yes, pigs can eat just about anything.

H: Even chips?

Me: Yes, if you put it in their feeding trough, they'll eat it.

H: What if you take a bite off a chip and then put it in the trough, will they still eat it?

Me: Yes, honey, they'll eat just about anything.

H: And they won't get sick?

Me: No.

H: Pigs are cool!

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