Saturday, January 5, 2008

Kids Say the Funniest Things

At least my kids do.

Over the weekend, while we were at Kelly's parents' house, Lauryn (3 yo) asked me after a meal:

L: What do you have in your mouth, Mama?

Me: Nothing.

L: Just your teeth?

Me: Yes, my teeth.

L: And your tongue?

Me (smiling at her and at the grandparents' laughter): Yes, my tongue too.

L: And that spit thing?

The next day, my MIL took the older four girls to a nearby park. After walking around a while, with Brynna (6.5 yo) holding her hand the whole time, a puppy came up and really took up with Brynna. Eventually, its owner had to come take it away because it was intent on following Brynna even after they started walking away. Brynna then matter-of-factly informed my MIL, "I just have a way with animals." My MIL agreed and told her that the puppy sure did like her.

They walk down a little further until Kora (11 yo) starts doing something Brynna didn't think she should be doing. Brynna calls out to Kora, "Kora, stop that!" Amazingly, Kora - who as the oldest does not usually like to be told what to do by any of the younger kids - actually stopped. Brynna then turns back to my MIL, and says,

"I also have a way with people."

My MIL said she couldn't say a word this time or else she would have been howling with laughter.

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