Monday, January 14, 2008

It's My Husband's Fault - You Can All Blame Him

It's not Jessica Simpson, it's Kelly Smith.

That's right.

Saturday, Kelly was 0-2 in football games. Although he likes green Bay and Favre, and normally would have been pulling for them, he thought Dallas would have a better chance against Seattle than Green Bay. I told him then that Dallas had to get past the giants first and the way they had been playing at the end of the season, I didn't think that was going to happen. He routed for Seattle anyway. He can't stand the Patriots, so he routed for the Jaguars.


He likes the Colts and Payton Manning, so he was routing for the Colts in what turned out to be the only stunner of the weekend for me. Who would have believed that Payton would be out and Eli in? Right as the Colts game ended, I looked at Kelly, and said, "Do me a favor, and rout for New York." He just laughed.


So like I said. It's all his fault. ;-)


Ryan said...

Well, tell Kelly, Shannon Sharpe said that the Colts didn't deserve it the way they played...and I would tend to agree with him. What shocked me is that the two #1 seed teams one, but the #2's didn't! That's just weird.

Kristen & Dave said...

Well, after I drowned my sorrows over Seattle's loss, my consolation was watching Jerry Jones face as his QB threw away the game. Made my day. Wasn't happy about the cheaters advancing though (but I'm convinced that Brady is a robot), or the Colts dying. What a weird football season.

Ryan said...

You know I might be partially to blame for the Colt's loss. Because I was sick I didn't wear any of my Colts appearal. I'll take 7% of the blame.

Kelly said...

7%??? That is more like 93% boy! You're a Colts fan! NO EXCUSES!!

At least that will get me off the hook for it... :)

Kim said...

Kelly, you are only (partially) off the hook for the Colts loss. You are still to blame for the others. Especially NE winning. I can't stand that team. I really hope San Diego wins next week

Ryan said...

I'm sure that is the first thing you would think of when you were sick and had a 100 deg temperature..."I'll just get up out of these nice warm comfy covers and out into the cold house to go put on another layer of clothing that will make that much harder for my body to regulate its temperature. But hey, I'm routing for my team." I'm sure that was the first thing on your mind! ;-)