Sunday, January 20, 2008

Quick Update

I haven't posted about Kelly in a while, and that's because he's doing much better. The first part of the week he was exhausted by the time he came home from work, but that got better as the week wore on. He says he's already breathing way better than he had before the surgery - and he still has stints in his sinus cavities! They will come out this Friday. The hardest thing for him right now is that he is not allowed to blow his nose. Can you imagine? No matter how hard the urge, the doctor said it would probably be months before he can blow his nose. And right now is the worst of the allergy season here in South Texas!

But we are grateful it is behind us and that it seems to be so successful. Now hopefully he will sleep better - just in time for a newborn to come along and keep us awake for months. :-)

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