Wednesday, January 16, 2008


I know this might draw the ire of friends like Cathi, but is anyone else already tired of the election stuff - and it's only January. The thought that we have to listen to this stuff for almost ten more months is quite depressing. And this is from someone who minored in political science in college. But I was less cynical then. MUCH less.

Speaking of tired, I can tell I have officially entered into the third trimester. Seriously I don't remember being this tired this early with the other ones. Much as I hate to admit it, I guess it's just that "o" word - yep, I'm older than I was the other times. Some days I feel fine. Some days I feel great, but that should be a warning to me, as the pattern has been that I feel great and get tons done on those days, and the next day I crash. I get so weary I could cry. Actually I get so weary I do cry, and my family has no clue what's wrong with me. :-) Of course, the fact that the baby is getting big enough to press on my diaphragm and making breathing more of a challenge is probably not helping. :-)


Granny said...

Oh, you haven't drawn my ire at all. You've just plunged me into a state of utter disbelief ;-)

Adrienne said...

I feel for you sweetie! I have a small torso, so when I get to my third trimester there is not room and I waddle when I walk. Those last three months I hardly did anything but rock in my glider rocker and cried because I was very hormonal...thank goodness I have an understanding husband! I was so miserable and could not sleep for the life of me. Take it easy!!

dirksgirl said...

Im w/ you, Tami...just dont tell Mother.