Wednesday, January 9, 2008

My New Favorite Store

I wrote earlier in the week about my new efforts to save money. Well, there was an unusually high amount of coupons in the paper (and I bought two) and this week, CVS is running many great deals. So I went on Monday and bought:

2 Palmolive Dishwashing liquids
2 Fructis shampoos
2 Fructis conditioners
1 Aquafresh toothpaste
2 Colgate total toothpastes
2 Colgate wave toothbrushes
2 Johnson's Buddies Sops
and 1 Lubriderm lotion (I just needed a heavy duty lotion, this was the only item I didn't have a coupon for)

After several coupons combined with sales on every one of these items (except the Lubriderm lotion), and $7 in ECB's from previous purchases (when I picked up 4 bottles of vitamins and herbs), I paid $10.69 plus received $12 in ECB's for future purchases. ECB's are basically like dollars to be used at CVS stores.

Tonight I needed milk, and CVS is running it for cheaper than my HEB right now, with the card. So tonight I bought:

1 gallon 2% milk
1 gallon skim milk
2 Right Guard deodorants
1 pkg Keebler cookies
2 Robitussin cough syrups
1 Sambucol Immunity Defense

After sales, coupons, and $10 ECB's from that last purchase, I paid $8.46 plus got $10 ECB's. So I didn't grow my ECB's anymore, but I maintained the amount, plus $7 of that out of pocket was the milk. And I'll get a $12.99 rebate for buying the Sambucol in the mail from the manufacturer, so I will come out way ahead. And in all honesty, I forgot to use two of my coupons, so this total should have been $6.46. Oh well. I still have more coupons to use, so I'm sure I will be making another stop or two by the CVS which is on my way to nearly everywhere from my house to take advantage of the "dollar days."

I plan on trying to grow my ECB's a little every week, so that my out of pocket expense goes down every week, while I stock up on toiletries, vitamins, and over the counter medicines. If you are at all interested in how to go about doing it, go to this website.


dirksgirl said...

yep, I probably had my best CVS buy ever this week and need to go back one more time! My store let me use two of the money off CVS coupons! I thought I could only use one, so I was very happy!

ApeKnitty said...

Tami--I have been enjoying your blog very much! In fact, you inspired me to start my own! My favorite photo is the one of all five girls lined up with their long tresses!--April

Ryan said...

So I heard on the radio today that some grocery stores are trying "digital coupons". Basically, you go onto their website, "load" a coupon onto your store's "loyalty" card then when you go it is automatically deducted if you purchase the item. They said Kroger and one other was using it. Might be worth looking into.